Establish a “Deliberate Time with God”

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The starting place to growing closer to God that we are all told about is: You need to have a daily “quiet time” / “devotional time” /  “time with God”.

We should each begin to have God incorporated more in our day-to-day lives, which is one of the next areas I will be focusing on. So, I’ll instead call this “Deliberate Time with God”. Which is a fancy way of saying, setting aside some extended time for Spiritual Disciplines.

I always understood the need to spend time with God, but what I struggled with is what does the ‘doing’ look-like. Nobody gave me a plan or ideas on how they spend the ‘quiet time’ except read the Bible and Pray. Which, of course is critical, but not enough of an explanation to be helpful to me as a new Christian.

So, let’s start with our motivation for spending deliberate time with God. What will you gain out of it? Since, most of our generation is short on time, asking: “Is there any personal gain to this practice?” is a legitimate question. I say “YES!” If you do it only because in the smallest way you hope that — just maybe — this could positively impact your life; that’s enough of a seed of faith that God can use for miraculous changes. If you give it a shot, I think you’ll be amazed at how God can use this time to make significant changes in your life (from your attitude to understanding of what matters most in life). I’d be *shocked* if it didn’t make some positive impact in about 40 days time (or less).

It seems silly to spend time with ‘someone’ without knowing who “He” is, so start there:

Who is God? Jesus? the “Spirit”?

Get to know who God is:

As I’ve gotten to see God work and move in powerful ways it’s allowed me to personally get to know who He is. I see Him in an extremely holy and reverent way, but also as a friend. It’s a paradox for sure. Over time I’ve gotten to see how his “rules” are truly out of love and create proper boundaries for my life. He’s also a loving Father too: someone whose much older and wiser, who adores me and wants the best path for my life. But, He’s more than a best friend, more than a father, more indescribable, yet more frightening too. I’ve grown at times where I can’t wait to spend time with Him and want to talk about life. Yet, other times I’m avoiding Him, because I’ve let an area or two go adrift in my life — and I know it, but don’t want to face it, yet!

If that sounds like someone you’d like to know better, then here’s some tips to go about it:

For me, I’ve picked first thing in the morning, because it helps set the tone for the rest of my day. But, there are days where I might not have been able to sleep or for whatever reason got up late, on those days I use my lunch hour or right after work (before dinner). Having a back-up plan makes it so I’m less likely to miss the time together.

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