Book Review: 31 Days of Drawing Near to God by Ruth Myers

31 Days of Drawing Near to God by Ruth Meyers:

ISBN: 978-0-307-72944-6

©1999 – Multnomah Books

(Previously released as “The Satisfied Heart“)

This is a timeless devotional destined to be a classic for women. Ruth Myers’ writing exhibits a great passion for the Lord that leaps off the page. I felt my own hunger and longing for more of God, stirred up within the depths of my soul.

The book is targeted toward a Christian who needs a fresh touch in their relationship with Christ — to grow more deeply in Love with Him in their personal walk. It’s not an evangelistic book with a Gospel presentation. The book includes both a devotional and Ruth’s story of joy and heartache while continually turning back to the only source of true peace and contentment: God’s Love.

The main theme of this book is learning to know God more passionately by resting in His love and delight. Often when we think of drawing near to God, it seems like we have to do some work or task in order to get closer to Him. Yet, in reality, if we could just accept His Love and allow it to fill our Spirit, we would gain the intimacy and closeness we desire. This concept is showcased in many different forms and ways throughout the story to get this most important truth — Rest in God’s Love — in our heart and psyche.

Ruth highlights one of the things I love most about the Bible; as we read it and  it speaks more and more in our lives, it’s not just God’s story, but our story as well. His Word becomes the backdrop of the tapestry of our life. Throughout the book, Ruth combines God’s work in her life with a verse that spoke to her during that season or is related to the lesson to be learned.

Bible Verses, inspiring and thoughtful quotes and example prayers are the seasoning of the book that truly gives it flavor and the ability to satisfy. It’s so important to  gain a new insight and love for God’s Word in order to grow closer to Him. Ruth sees the Bible as the Love Story and Guide Book that it truly is.

The following prayer, which is on page 36 of the book, represent how I felt after reading the book:

Dear Lord, I thank You that I am Yours, that You know me through and through, and that it’s no accident You’ve led me to this book.

Father, I’ve tasted Your love, and I long to experience more deeply how You really feel about me. I long to know in my daily life the intense reality and great wonder of Your boundless love, which You so freely bestow on those who seek You.

Help me turn away from my misconceptions of Your love and from being casual or indifferent toward You. Help me to turn from hectic, frantic activity that often makes even my time with You so hurried. I ask that through Your Word You will speak to me of Your perfect love in powerful, life-changing ways.

I pray in Jesus’ name . . .


I received this book free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. I had never read a Ruth Myers book prior to requesting this book (or even heard of her). I was in a season of spiritual drought, so the title lept at me as being a most necessary touch of refreshment — and it left me most satisfied.

I wanted to know more about Ruth Myers and her life. I found out she had recently passed away (11/8/2010). The following article from The Navigators is a nice memorial with pictures of her life and an overview of her work for the Lord. It’s touching to know that her inspired writing has a legacy beyond her life and still is able to touch and encourage lives.

Below is another resource I found with free downloadable audio from Ruth Myers and a few PDFs:


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