Wanna Grow? Listen to Sermons Online

The main point of this blog is to encourage people in their walk with God and help them . . . Journey Deeper in Christ.

So, I’m going to include various things I do that encourage me in my faith and help me grow closer to Christ.

One of the things I often do is listen to sermons online. I’ve gained a lot of insight from different perspectives that I’ve found invaluable for growing in my faith.

My favorite churches to regularly listen to sermons from are:

Lifechurch.tv (Craig Groeschel) – I’ve been a loyal e-ttender since 2007! I have learned and grown so very much through the teaching of Pastor Craig that I couldn’t possibly recommend lifechurch.tv and their resources highly enough.

North Point Community Church – (Andy Stanley) – Andy Stanley is another favorite  pastor of mine, I’ve also learned a lot from his teaching.

Elevation Church (Steven Furtick) – young, fresh, inspiring, need I say more.

Church of the Highlands (Chris Hodges) – There’s something real humble and likable about Christ Hodges, so I also add him into the mix from time-to-time.

Another great place for sermons and Christian broadcasting Oneplace.com.


For fun, I also listen to listen to Children’s radio programs. Even though it’s for kids, they can be really fun and useful to the kid in all of us  🙂

Your Story Time (I first listened to these when I was a kid, they bring back memories, but are also quite good!)

Adventure’s in Odyssey (radio theater by focus on the family)



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