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Example: Goals and Bible Setup

Current Bible Reading Goals:

  • Read one Proverb / day.
  • Complete Old Testament (in NKJV Bible) by the end of the year.
  • Complete New Testament (in NIV Bible) by the end of the year.

To guarantee that I reach my goal I set daily, weekly, monthly and bi-annual goals. I setup my reading plans on a bi-annual basis (or sometimes more frequently if I’m in a rut and need to switch things us).

The goal amount is calculated using a simple calculation based on the number of pages in the Bible. Below is an example of my Old Testament reading goals (after the formula is my September Goals):

End Page = 1328

Pages per day = (End Page – Current Page) / (Days left in the year)

Pages per day = (1328 – 1140) / 122 = 1.54

For my actual daily goals I like to round-up to increase my likelihood of reaching my goals, since there will inevitable be one day of the week where my reading time is shortened. So, I set a goal of 2 pages / day.

Pages per week = 1.54 * 7 = 10.78

Pages per month = Pages per day * (Days in the current month)

Pages per month = 1.54 * 30 = 46.2


Tracking my reading goals has been an area where I’ve tried lots of methods and finally found a system that works for me. In the past I  have written down my daily reading and that just seemed cumbersome to me. So instead I found a way to keep track of where I’m at with no writing required.


If you are like me, you wake up a little groggy in the morning. You make some tea or coffee then sit down in a cozy spot for your devotional time. I can easily get a little distracted (cloudy headed) about what I to do once I have the Bible in my hand. So below is my low-brain approach for setting up my Bible.

Note: The only portion of my devotional time that I’m discussing here is  Bible Reading. I’ll detail the other aspects when we get to that portion of the study.

Old Testament Study:

Grab Bible, which I leave by ‘my’ chair  🙂 – This one is pretty new, so it doesn’t show my usual wear and tear. (I often grab my MP3 player as well to listen to audio w/ the reading.)

Turn to Tab #1 Shown above. Begin reading at the blue marker (which is set on the Proverb of the day). Set the Tab and Marker on the next Proverb of the day.

Turn to Tab #2. Begin reading at the blue marker.

Continue reading until (at a minimum) the orange marker is reached. Reset the Tab and Markers to the start and end point for tomorrows reading.

The Weekly Goal is shown by the above marker.

The Monthly Goal is shown by the above marker.

The 6-month Goal is shown by the above marker.

The Weekly, Monthly and 6-month goal marker are updated once they have been reached.

This is a lot of explanation for a pretty simple system that doesn’t require any writing or tracking. It helps me always know what I’m wanting to accomplish and keeps me in the Bible on a daily basis.

Example: Current Bibles that I use.

Often when people talk about goals they give general information, but never specific examples of how to apply it to my life.

Since, I think daily Bible reading is so very important I wanted to give an example from my own life in the hope that it might be helpful to you.

First I’ll begin with what Bibles I’m currently using:

I typically change Bible versions / editions every year or so.

The current Bible I’m reading the Old Testament in is:

I can’t speak to the content of the Bible notes, because I rarely read them. The main reason I purchased this Bible is practical and shallow. I wanted a NKJV Bible to use with the Word of Promise Audio (practical) and I wanted a blue leather cover (shallow) 🙂 .


The current Bible I’m reading the New Testament in is Divine Health (this is also a NKJV Bible):

I like the tips and the zine version is ‘different’, but I think it’s a good kind of different. I’m very visual, so the color and pictures help present the message in a new way.


I frequently like to listen to the Word of Promise (WOP) audio mp3s while reading the Bible. Reading and listening is a great way to focus your mind on God’s word and allows the passage more depth to speak into your life. The WOP audio Bible is truly one of my favorite audio Bibles.

I loaded all the MP3s onto my ipod and created playlists by Bible book so that finding the correct file to play is very easy.


Now that we have clarified the Bibles I use the next post will give an overview of how I organize my Bible and my current Bible reading goals.

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