New Series: How to Delight in God’s Word


When I became a Christian at 21 (in 1998), I was the only Christian in my immediate family, so I didn’t have anyone to teach me the basics about studying the Bible or the Christian Life. As many people have experienced I went to Church but was still confused on how to go from accepting Christ to knowing how to live for Christ day-to-day in my ‘real’ life.

I went on a journey at the School of Hard Knocks and I tried a wide-variety of things hoping to grow closer to God and some worked way better than others. Through this trial and error process I found 7 things that helped to take my study of the Bible and my relationship to God to a deeper and more intimate level.  This is what this Bible Study Series is upon — Learning to Delight in God’s Word.

These are not rules or anything everyone should do, but simply tips and tools that I found helpful that may or may not be helpful to you, but are worth contemplating and trying to see if it helps to increase the joy in your own walk with the Lord.

Question – “Have any of you  had a period of time where you didn’t feel like you were enjoying studying the Bible or had hit a dry period?”

If you said yes, then you are human and in the right place. Hopefully these tools will be helpful to you during these periods.

The Following is a list of the topics that will be covered in the series:

How to Delight in God’s Word!

1. ) Pray over it and through it. Begin with prayer and continue to communicate with God as he speaks to you through His Word.

2.) Read it. Devote time to reading the Bible.

3.) Study it. Find a passage to study: observe, interpret and apply it to your life.

4.) Obey it. Obey the Bible to grow in your love for and understanding of God.

5.) Memorize it. Store it in your heart, so that it will always be with you to guide your way.

6.) Write about it. Record your journey to ‘remember’ where you’ve come from and how God continues to work in your life.

7.) Share it. Share what you’ve learned with others and recieve a double-blessing by learning from one another.

Here’s a bookmark that includes all the topics for the series:

PDF version of Bookmark

Note: I will also be including some Bible Study Printable Sheets with each lesson, so if any of you want to share them with friends or want to teach the topics you will be able to easily do so.

This Bible Study was the first study I ever wrote and taught. It was over five years ago and I remember how God seemed to really direct me in the writing. Even as I’m re-organizing it to post here I’ve been nourished and refreshed through this teaching. My prayer is that God will use it to help encourage and grow you as He has used it in my life.

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