Theme: Pathways of Life

My desire is to begin a new journey, both in my life and for anyone who wants to read this blog.

Where should I start?

Do you ever feel that way?

I do . . . the Bible is 1000+ pages ¬†– I often get confused on ‘where’ I should be reading. How often have we all started back in Bible reading/study, so we ¬†began again at Genesis and started to get lost along with the Israelites in the wilderness and had a full fledge stumble somewhere in the middle of the laws of the priesthood.

So, I wanted to give you some verses that will help you on your own journeys . . . since I have a whole Bible worth of verses to pick from – how do I choose?

These are the types of verses that I want to share with you — the one’s that have had special meaning or purpose in my life:

  • Verses that carried me through difficult days.
  • Verses that allowed me to hang on to hope – when I was at the end of mine.
  • Verses that cut into my heart and allowed me to awaken to areas I need to change.
  • Verses that gave me a deeper understand of who God is and a greater love for him.
  • Verses that just made me laugh and realize God’s great sense of humor.
  • Verses that let me learn from others mistakes without having to make them myself.
  • Verses that inspired me to obey and follow God by seeing the example of holy living within the lives of others.
  • Verses that helped me hold onto my hopes and dreams . . .
  • Verses that filled me with God’s Wisdom . . .
  • Oh, the sweet delightful verses that God has given, to equip, guide and help us survive the challenge of living in a fallen world.

As you can see, as I’ve walked through the pages of the Bible – it has not just been God’s story, but slowly is becoming more and more my story as well. As my life has inter-twined with God’s word, it is exciting to see how much He has changed me and continuous to teach me.

The theme of this first lesson is simply the Pathways of Life. Often a journey is best started by understanding where we are and how God is working in our life.

Take some time today to reflect on the paths you’ve taken in life, good and bad.

Do you see areas where God has guided you, inspite of yourself.

Have you had God’s word impact your life and help you to change?

Can you see decisions that significantly impacted your life (for better or worse)?

Have you seen God use even our bad decisions and turn them around for good?

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